Sanitary pad or tampon should never be flushed down the toilet because it may clog the drainage system and lead to flooding of the toilet. After use, a disposable sanitary pad or a tampon should be wrapped in a news paper or waste paper and put in a garbage bin.

It is also necessary to dispose of the contents of the garbage bin promptly because if the sanitary pad or a tampon is left in the garbage bin for a long time, then the menstrual fluid on these disposed products may get contaminated with germs and emit a foul smell. Hence, first it is necessary to keep the garbage bin covered to prevent the foul smell from spreading in your house and secondly, the contents of the garbage bin should be disposed of promptly to prevent spread of diseases by flies and other insects that gather around these garbage bins.

illustration of yellow signage showing throwing tampons and sanitary products in the commode is wrong. Disposing sanitary pad or tampon: step 1: wrap the used pad and tampon in paper, step 2: Put in a dustbin, step 3: Close the dustbin lid - Menstrupedia