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About Menstrupedia

Menstrupedia is a fast-growing startup that offers high social impact educational materials in the form of comic books, workshops, and animated videos. The materials developed by Menstrupedia are used by over 25,500 schools and hundreds of NGOs, Corporates and Government organizations across India and several other countries across the globe. Menstrupedia is a definitive step to initiate conversations around growing up and puberty which has long been neglected.


Aditi Gupta

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Menstrupedia is the brain child of Aditi. She makes sure, Menstrupedia is crafted to present the information about menstruation in a way that is not only easy to understand but also sensitive towards the taboo nature of the subject.

Tuhin Paul

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Tuhin is the artist and storyteller of Menstrupedia and has been a part of it right from the very beginning. Through a well thought mix 'n match of ideas, strokes and colors, Tuhin ensures that the experience of Menstrupedia visitors is not only fun and engaging but also a memorable one.

Ketan Raval

Business Advisor

Ketan's timely advises on business matters help Menstrupedia in sustaining, growing and innovating constantly.

As a founder and CEO of two companies, LetsNurture and KarConnect, Ketan comes with invaluable experience and a proven track record of starting and scaling two companies into multinational businesses.

Uday Akkaraju

Business Advisor

Uday's business and product development advices help Menstrupedia in innovating continuously and expanding rapidly.

As a human-centered designer specialized in cognitive science, a founder & CEO of BOND.AI , Uday comes with unique experience in design, technology, and entrepreneurship and has multiple patents in the field of AI, fin-tech, and conversational design

Dr. Mahadeo Bhide

Medical Advisor

Dr Bhide is a practicing gynecologist based in London, UK. He has more than 20 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and specialises in fertility treatments inducing IVF (test-tube baby).

Dr Bhide along with his wife Dr Alka Bhide(MD MRCOG) who is also an IVF specialist, regularly visit and spend time at the IVF centre of their multi-specialty hospital Thane Health Care in Thane (Mumbai).

Divya Rosaline

Story Editor

Divya is the craftswoman behind the amazing resource that Menstrupedia's blog has become over the years. She ensures that each of the stories on the blog is insightful, well written and is a pleasure to read.

Divya has completed an MSc from the University of Oxford where her dissertation focused on menstrual taboos in urban and rural Karnataka. Her research interests lie in the anthropological understandings of menstruation, the narratives of women and sexual minorities and in Dalit and Indian feminist liberation theologies.

Rajat Mittal

Former Co-Founder